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Tripp Trapp Highchair

Eli is 3 and he is having feeding issues. His diet hasn't changed much since he was a baby - he still eats mostly puree's and drinks from a bottle. Back when he was in feeding therapy his therapist kept telling me that I needed to get a high chair with feet support. Here is a link to a blog post that explains why it's so important for babies to have support while they are learning to eat:
The optimal seated position is 90 degrees at hip, knees and ankles. And it's even more important for kids with low muscle tone (hello Down syndrome!) to have extra support.
We had the $15 high chair from Ikea. Why? Because it was modern and went well with our kitchen and was cheap. Well you know the old saying you get what you pay for? 
I finally caved (better late than never, right?) and got him a Tripp Trapp from Stokke. 
We just got it yesterday, so I have no idea if it will be a game changer for his feeding issues or not, but he already has the foot support and I'm super hopeful :)
I also love how it brings him closer to the table so he can feel more involved at mealtime. And now I get to use his EZPZ mat more too :) 
Here's another great article on the science behind the Tripp Trapp:


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