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Skeletal Dysplasia Awareness

Meet Finley! #littlestwarriorwednesday

Finley was diagnosed with a type of Skeletal Dysplasia - also typically referred to as Dwarfism.  Skeletal Dysplasias are genetic mutations that result in a spectrum of physical characteristics. There are hundreds of different types (the most common is Achondroplasia).
Finley’s is a mild - less severe - Skeletal Dysplasia (SD) but is not Achondroplasia. Finley’s form of dwarfism is even more rare (which makes her even more special). She is healthy and will be just fine. This was a random mutation that occurred because we have no family history of the condition.
She will always remain on the smaller side when it comes to height.
Like any parent, we have no idea what our child will be like (both physically and behaviorally) when they grow up. So we do not know the specifics on her growth in the future.  We just have a “range.” As Finley grows up, she will resemble characteristics of someone with Hypochondroplasia.  A similar SD, but can be milder. 


  • Our daughter has skeletal dysplasia type II collagen. Thank you for such a positive post.

  • Thank you for this positive post. I just got news (at 37 weeks) that my baby has skeletal dysplasia. Doctors are wanting to induce me at 39 weeks. Lots to learn still but Google has shown me some things that have felt scary. I’m grateful to see your baby girl looking happy; it is helpful able to imagine the flip side of what could be— that it may not be the worst case scenario, that there’s still hope.

  • Hi,

    Good Day! I was searching in google about skeletal dysplasia and I saw this post. My baby was born March 29, 2020 7 weeks now and she also diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia. So far she’s doing good. How was Finley now?


    Mary Jean Serenio
  • My son may have skeletal Dysplasia, we have done all the tests except genetic. I would love more information on her story! It would help us so much!!


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