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September 2018 Donations

Happy September! This month we are donating to an organization that is near and dear to my heart. I traveled to India almost 2 years ago to visit a home for girls. I fell in love with India and the people there. Sarah’s Covenant Homes is similar to the home I visited except SCH has homes for children with disabilities ❤️ #littlestwarriordonates
SCH is a non-profit organization responding to the abandonment of children with disabilities in India through holistic care provided in family-style homes. This is what we do: We wipe boogers, we change diapers, we hug, we dance, we cry, we laugh, we comfort, we teach, we encourage, we love. We do this because we believe in the unique and unlimited beauty of every human being. We do this because we believe in the power of family. We do this because we believe that all children belong in a family uniquely their own. We believe that all children deserve unconditional love every moment of their lives.
We began nearly 10 years ago, when our founder, Sarah, petitioned the local government to take 5 children from a orphanage in a small town in the state of Andhra Pradesh. On that day, seeing so many children in need, she extended beyond her original plan and welcomed ten into our first home. Today, Sarah’s Covenant Homes is made up of seven homes that care for nearly 150 children. Four of these homes (Anchor, Courage, Joy, and Jubilee Home) are located in Hyderabad and the remaining 3 (Faith, Truth, Victory) in Ongole--where it all started.
Here at SCH we have three main focuses in our ministry: (1) reception and rehabilitation, (2) adoption and reunification, (3) long-term care. To these we feel called; we feel commissioned. In these, we feel the favor of the Lord as we journey further and further along our path to seeing a changed world, a world without orphans. We find these to be equally founded on our central belief that all children inherently deserve to be loved--fully, boldly, completely, intentionally, without reservation and with action. With action to pursue them--wherever they may be, whatever needs they might have.


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