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October 2022 Fundraiser - A Custom Wheelchair From Bailey Built For Ruby

Happy October!
This month we have teamed up with Bailey Built Wheelchairs to raise funds for Ruby to get a custom wheelchair❤️ A portion of every purchase on will go directly to Ruby's custom wheelchair. 

From Ruby’s Mom:
Ruby was born 17 weeks premature and after her traumatic birth Ruby was diagnosed with HIE. She suffered severe global brain damage and now has a several diagnoses including quadriplegic cerebral palsy, developmental, cognitive delays, visual impairment, G-tube and a tracheostomy.

Due to her severe brain injury Ruby legs grew into a split position. Doctor Henry Chambers orthopedic surgeon at Radys Children stated that in his 24 years of medicine he had only seen one other case like hers and in August of 2020 he performed a successful surgery that was able to bring Ruby’s legs down. We as a family refuse to let all these diagnoses limit her. We will continue to advocate and move mountains for her.

About Bailey Built from owner Tyler Bailey:

I first met, my wife, Dara while she was attending college. Life with a disability, different challenges, wheelchairs, and the struggle for proper healthcare was all new to me. As time went on, SMA brought new struggles and obstacles. Despite these never-ending challenges, she pushed. Her strength and stamina are what draw me to her. Her passion for life is infectious and encouraged me to find new ways to help enable her to do anything she wanted. We built gizmos, gadgets, and eventually full-on wheelchairs. I will never stop doing whatever it takes to make sure she has the same shot at anything as someone without SMA.

We have been together for 10 years. We now own and operate a custom wheelchair fabricating shop. We have been able to build custom power wheelchairs for all kinds of different people all over the world. Most would attribute our shop’s success to my fabrication skills, the machinery, equipment, and technology used. I, however, do not. Its because of her. She’s the reason. She will never stop and never give up. So, neither will I.
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