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March 2021 Donations

Down syndrome adoption
Happy March! This month we will be donating 10% of all sales to the Walden Family @waldenx7 for their adoption fund. They are adopting a little boy with Down syndrome from China #littlestwarriordonates
Adoption is not a new concept in our lives. We first became parents to our oldest two children through foster care and were fortunate enough to eventually get to adopt them. Our only biological child was born a short time later and our family was complete....but God had other plans. At the end of 2018, he laid international adoption on our hearts and we started the process at the beginning of 2019. By October of 2019 we were home with her but our hearts didn’t feel like our family was finished. While we were at our orphanage visit, God started getting our hearts ready once again to adopt. We thought it would be many years down the road, but God had other plans. One day I was scrolling through an advocacy site on Facebook and saw a little boy and that was it. He was ours! #downsyndromeadoption

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  • I love your shop and that you are supporting adoptions. I just ordered our little CP Warrior a shirt from your shop. We adopted him out of foster care in 2020


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