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July 2021 Donations

Happy July!
This month we will be donating to Pipers Key #littlestwarriordonates
Piper’s Key is a nonprofit that is gifting inclusive books to children with disabilities that represent their unique selves in a positive light! Piper Grace passed away in May 2020 due to a rare form of spinal muscular atrophy. If she was here, Piper would’ve had a lot of representation challenges as a child with a disability.

For so many children with disabilities, the primary focus is on their actual diagnosis and treatment/management plan. Often times, these plans may not include positive self-image through representation.

How can we ensure a more INCLUSIVE world for every child?

Shouldn't the most inclusive opportunity be sitting on their bookshelf?

Piper's Key will ensure that the most basic learning tool is a positive representation of children of all disabilities!

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