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July 2020 Donations - MaxLove Project

Happy July!
This month we are donating 10% of all sales to MaxLove Project

MaxLove Project is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to increase the quality of life and reduce health risks for all children surviving cancer, both in treatment and beyond. We empower families fighting childhood cancers and related life-threatening conditions with quality-of-life care, “fierce foods” culinary medicine, whole-body wellness resources, education and research. We believe that true health starts when families are empowered to be active partners in their child’s healing.

Inspired by SuperMax Wilford, a brain cancer-fighting superhero, MaxLove Project is a volunteer-powered, grassroots organization founded to ensure that every family affected by childhood cancer has access to therapeutic resources — from optimal nutrition and sleep to vigorous physical activity and stress management — that have been shown to powerfully impact quality of life and long-term health.

MaxLove Project’s programs and resources support families in the key areas of survivorship health. Each program focuses on the key evidence-based BE SUPER Actions for lifelong healthy survivorship. We are a community of dedicated change-makers who believe in the power of high-quality integrative health care for all children.

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