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January 2021 Donations

Happy January and 2021!🙌🏽
This month we will be donating 10% of all sales to Sophia’s Voice @natalieweaver
From Sophia’s Mom:
Sophia's Voice supports children and adults with disabilities, as well as caregivers and disability rights activists. We provide financial support for medical equipment(not covered by insurance), medical bills/debt, medication, medical appointments, respite, advocacy support and various other medical-related expenses. We also raise awareness to normalize facial differences and profound disabilities and work to hold social media giants accountable for protecting people with facial differences and disabilities online.

I started Sophia’s Voice in honor of my #SweetSophia and will continue it in her memory. Even though she couldn't speak she did have a voice and it was a powerful one. I'm so proud of the impact she had and continues to have on this world. It made her so proud to know she was making a difference. I promised her I would continue the work that we started together.

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