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In Utero Stroke Awareness

Lia was born full term after an uncomplicated pregnancy. Shortly after birth, Lia began having seizures. The following day an MRI revealed that Lia had suffered from a stroke in utero. Doctors also discovered that she was born with two congenital heart defects, pulmonary stenosis and an atrial-septal defect.  Lia had heart surgery at just three months old. Her stroke has also resulted in further diagnoses of cerebral palsy, epilepsy and apraxia of speech, Lia is non-verbal.  Despite the challenges she faces daily, Lia is thriving. She is brave, determined and strong. Lia is the happiest child ever. She always has a huge smile on her face and a twinkle in her big blue eyes. No one loves life more than Lia!

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  • Like Lia, my son Jace suffered from a stroke in utero. He has a form of cp, hemiplegia, due to it. Every day is challenging, but oh so rewarding. Thank you for helping spread awareness for those of us who have experienced it and are raising little ones who have experienced it ?


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