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Fundraiser: A Service Dog for Peanut!

April is Autism Awareness month! We are celebrating with a fundraiser for a little girl named Jana (aka Peanut) with a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autism to get a service dog! The cost per family-dog program is 26K and families are required to raise 16K. Let's help her get her dog! 
During the month of April when you buy a limited edition Service Dog Warrior tee or tank, the proceeds will go to Peanut's service dog. In addition we are donating 10% of all other Littlest Warrior sales during April. So shop and know you are making a giant difference in a little girls life. 
Here are our best sellers:
Meet Our Recipient:
Peanut (aka Jana) is a beautiful, strong and determined 4 year old. She also happens to have both Down Syndrome and Autism. Having both has definitely been a struggle for her. She has to overcome multiple struggles and work twice as hard to get where she is now. We are currently raising $16,000 (Good Dog Autism is raising the other $10,000) to provide her with an Autism Service Dog. This dog will truly be a life saver for her!  Service dogs do not only provide companionship, but they also provide independence and peace when autism often causes chaos.  Studies have shown countless benefits of these dogs from calming, communication, quality of life and even social skills.
Peanut's overall quality of life will be improved by welcoming a service dog into our family.  We hope that this dog will help her overcome her stims, calm her when she feels overwhelmed in her environment, and even help her sleep better.  But most of all, we hope that this dog will help her create an emotional bond and have a best friend.

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  • So much fun and goodness and a new love will soon be coming your way! I am very happy 😃 for you and your family!

    Penny Harrison

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