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ELI, INCLUDED - A Children's Book about Down syndrome

ELI, INCLUDED is a children's book written by Michelle Sullivan. Michelle is the owner of Littlest Warrior Apparel and the inspiration behind the shop is her son Eli. Eli has Down syndrome and it has been a desire of Michelle's for Eli to be fully included in Kindergarten. Eli is going to Kindergarten this year so Michelle wrote a fictional story about Eli's first day of school. ELI, INCLUDED is perfect for any classroom, whether there is a child with Down syndrome in the class or not. This book is to help the next generation see that everyone has value and something to offer. 

Down syndrome book children's

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INCLUSION Down syndrome

inclusion Down syndrome




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  • I hope so much that Eli is having an awesome start to his year and that your mama advocate journey is going great in his school! So impressed with your cool and inspiring shirts! Can’t wait to get all mine in the mail!


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