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December 2020 Donations

Happy December!
This month we will be donating a portion of your purchase to the nonprofit @lovethatsupassesoffical #littlestwarriordonates // Love That Surpasses is a 501(C)3 nonprofit that provides support through our bags of hope to mothers who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.
Down syndrome prenatal diagnosis
From Sarah, the founder:
Down syndrome was a diagnosis that our family was so familiar with due to my husband’s younger brother, Isaac. My husband was 7 years old when Isaac was born and the love our family has for Isaac has always been plentiful. 
The day we received the call that our second child, Emmett, would have Down Syndrome was world stopping. It was something that we never imagined would impact our family twice. As a special needs sibling, my husband knew how much love we would have to give our son. He continued to remind me of this love even when I was full of doubt and fear. He gave me hope, reassurance, and glimpses of the love he saw growing up as a child.
After Emmett was born, I knew I wanted to share our story and help others who were going through the emotions of having a prenatal diagnosis. We knew all the things Emmett would be capable of because of Isaac, and we had so much hope because of him. There are so many other families who do not know anyone or anything about Down Syndrome and are usually only told about the negative parts. When Emmett was only six months old, we decided to move forward in launching a Nonprofit called Love that Surpasses to give other families this same hope we had. 
The story behind our Nonprofit name originates from Ephesians 3:17-19, which states just how abundant God’s love is for all of us. People who have special needs are often viewed and described as less, broken, and defective by worldly standards. We spread awareness about how we can fully rest in knowing how valued, loved, and worthy we all are in His love that surpasses knowledge.”


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