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Cerebral Palsy Awareness

Meet Saharsha! #littlestwarriorwednesday

Saharsha was diagnosed with cerebral palsy a few days short of her first birthday. At that point we were heartbroken, angry, devastated all at the same time. But no emotion felt stronger than the love we had for her. My best friend said to me then that you as a mother know deep down what your child is capable of, do not let a diagnosis determine otherwise. Till this date I hold those words close to my heart.

We moved from Colombo to Singapore to Sydney now all because we felt that in the other places she wasn’t challenged and pushed enough to reach her full potential. And true to that since being in Sydney and seeing a physiotherapist who’s not only strong professionally but literally loves Saharsha to bits, she has only thrived and now walks in a walker and is working hard on her balance to reach our big dream of walking independently. Sure our life is centred around Saharsha and her medical needs and she attends various forms of therapy (physiotherapy, speech, OT, behaviour) five days a week, not a single day goes by that my husband and I do not count our blessings.

Saharsha has a heart full of joy, she is funny, she is bright, she sings with her heart, she dances with her eyes, she loves reading, she is determined, she is confident. In other words she is also all those other amazing things that her diagnosis tells you absolutely nothing about. Thank you for reading our story.  All your support help us in making the world one step closer to being more inclusive than it is today.  You can follow our journey on Instagram @chronicles_ofzhazha.


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