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August 2018 Donation - Down syndrome Adoption Fundraiser

For the month of August we will be donating 10% of all sales to the Hilton family who are adopting a little girl with Down syndrome ❤️ #littlestwarriordonates 


“We are in the process of adopting the most precious little girl. She currently resides (in wait for us) in an orphanage in China. She is 4 years old, and she has Down Syndrome. She was born in June of 2014, and matter of factly, the same month we lost (what would have been) our third child. We “committed” to her the week of Thanksgiving, and got our Pre-Approval from China to move forward with the adoption on December 1st. We already have a connection with her that is undeniable and quite prominent in our home. 


We have a lengthy journey ahead that includes an arduous amount of paperwork and home study processes as well as a financial commitment that will certainly test us. International adoption is a long and cumbersome process, but we know we will be lifted up and blessed with the ability to endure in order to bring this little one home at long last. We have a goal to bring her home to her forever family before Christmas of 2018 and appreciate everyone's support from the bottom of our hearts!”
You can follow their adoption journey on Instagram @bringinglittlesisterhome

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