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ASD Awareness

Meet Theo!


Theo is almost 3 years old. Theo has autism, global developmental delays, and sensory processing disorder. He was born premature but was developing beautifully and hitting all milestones according to his adjusted age. Theo was talking, saying up to 30 words, eating like a champ and connecting with his family and peers. Around 20 months Theo’s regression began. Just 9 months later and Theo was completely nonverbal, sensory issues impacted his eating, and made minimal eye contact and connection. We are on a journey to help Theo get back to where he was and we know it’s possible. Lots of diet changes and therapy are slowly, but surely, getting us there. Theo loves to throw rocks, climb all the things, and give hugs and kisses all day long. 

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  • I will be praying for Theo and your family.

    BRIDGET M Enright

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