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April 2022 Donations - Newbie Tubies

Happy April! This month we are donating to @newbietubies - an organization that donates care packages and creates dolls with tubes for kids🥰 
From @newbietubies
My name is Rachel and I am a chronic illness warrior living with multiple disabling conditions.
I started my Newbie Tubies project and since 2018 I’ve sent over 500 packages to Tubies who lack support, haven’t been prepared for what to expect by their doctors, or can’t afford the items I send.
I send these packages free of cost to the recipients. I began contacting every Etsy vendor with tube items, every natural soap/lotion vendor, and anyone else I thought might feel the passion and desire to help. 
I fundraise myself through my artwork. I began painting as a coping mechanism and distraction tool for my hard days. I never imagined I’d be selling any of them, but I sold and I used 100% of profits for the project. Still do. I make my artwork with medical supplies and name the paintings after the “Newbie” it will sponsor. 
My favorite thing to create is my “mini-me medical buddies.” Each stuffed animal or doll is created specifically for their person, they have medical devices matching those of their person. I sell these as a fundraiser  item but also include them in packages for children or adults who need that extra comfort or learning tool.
Seeing the faces of the children who find the buddy with medical devices is all the motivation I need.
All I need now is sponsors.
I can’t do this alone, just as no one should be left to transition to tubie life alone. Help me make this year another success, help me bring these children and adults love and comfort and support, even joy. 
You can sponsor a package by donating the funds, by purchasing a piece of artwork, or by being matched with and doing the shopping for a tubie yourself/with your kids. What better way to teach your children about the gift of giving than to take them to shop for a child their own age? 
I guarantee you will find the experience as much or even more rewarding than the recipients themselves. 

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