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Advocate Like a Mother Podcast

We are so excited to announce a new podcast coming soon! 
A podcast where we share stories and resources to help parents find their voice and be the best advocate for their child
We are here to educate, empower, and inspire!
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Ashley has a son with Williams syndrome & CHD as well as a daughter with 3p26.3 deletion & autism. Michelle has a son with Down syndrome. Together they are passionate about helping parents find their voice.


  • You guys are amazing.

    I would LOVE to get involved somehow with this podcast. My oldest has epilepsy and I think I have a valuable story to share about navigating the insurance world when your little one has complex medical needs (LONG story short, I’ve had to fight tooth and nail year after year to get her EEGs covered by insurance).

    I hope this is something you’d like to discuss further. I’ve thought a million times about podcasting about our journey and about how no one (and nothing) prepares you to advocate for your child when it comes to medical issues … but I didn’t know where to start and have been overwhelmed by kids, work, and y’know, fighting insurance companies and advocating for my kid.

    THANK YOU for everything you do. You are fierce mothers <3

    Nicole Rodriguez
  • I am a mom of 3 boys,my youngest son is 17mths old and has Down syndrome


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