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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

 I've carefully selected small shops that are owned by an individual with a disability, or sell inclusive toys or other products that somehow support individuals with a disability. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Happy Shopping!

1. The Butterfly Pig

The Butterfly Pig is a woman and nurse-owned business focusing on promoting inclusion, diversity, and self-love through play. With a large selection of diverse dolls, The Butterfly Pig also designs and creates medical devices for dolls and stuffed animals to match children and bring more representation to the toy world!

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2. The Spotlight Project

The Spotlight Project is a bracelet company that employs individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability. Our goal is to raise employment for people in this population while shining a light on their talents. Our hope is that by placing people with disabilities at the forefront of our brand, that we may inspire other companies to do the same.

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3. Sandal Gap Studio

Sandal Gap Studio exists to share the beauty of inclusivity through art. We intentionally expose society to the disability community in a comfortable environment where art is used as the common language among the verbal and non-verbal.

Born from two sisters’ combined passions - one for art and the other for inclusion. It all started with a simple, yet powerful dream. Our daughter, Ace, made a request - let’s create a place where people of all abilities can come together in complete unity. A place where everyone is equal. A place where questions could be asked and people can get comfortable with different. As you can guess, we were all on board! Our daughter, Sevy Marie, is a fifteen year old internationally collected artist with Down syndrome. Her art journey is really how all of this began. Through Sevy’s art, our eyes were opened to the power of art as a vehicle for unity, inclusion and equality.

Put simply, we are a non-profit organization that promotes inclusion through art. We’re an art studio for artists of all abilities. A place where people can come together and build life-changing relationships.

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4. So Happy To Learn Annual Subscription

 So Happy to Learn is a unique and innovative learning program. Mrs.Brown shares her curriculum and wisdom so on line families can teach their learners to become readers, writers, artist, understand math but most of all become the happy and capable learners they are meant to be!

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5. Littlest Warrior

Your's Truly :) The inspiration behind my shop is my son Eli who has Down syndrome. We donate 10% of sales each month to a family adopting a child with a disability, to a family in need of help with medical bills, or to a foundation. We have  embroidered patchesstickers and Advocate Like a Mother enamel pins that make great stocking stuffers! Our teesmugshatsposters and totes all make awesome gifts. And don't forget about Eli, Included. A children's book to teach typical kids about Down syndrome. 




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