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Rid Society of the Stigmas

Why is it that society has a pre-determined stigma that kids with Down syndrome will “probably not do much in life”??  Why do people always look at a child with Down syndrome with sad eyes, and with that “awe shes so cute, but I feel sorry for you” look?  And why do people always offer their condolences or share how amazing you must be for parenting a child with a disability.  I mean, let’s make no mistake, special needs parents are amazing … but it’s not because we have a child with a disability.  We’re amazing because we believe in making every opportunity for our child.   Because we believe that our child is as worthy as any other child, and should be able to learn and experience just as any other child.  Obviously there is a huge spectrum of abilities when it comes to children with a disability, but as a parent of 3 grown neurotypical children, there is a HUGE spectrum of abilities in them as well.   Just because you are born “neurotypical” doesn’t not mean you can all accomplish the same things in life.  Differences in people are what makes the world go round.  It is what makes up a society of people!  So why is it that people feel the need to put special needs children in a box too? Assuming what they can and can’t do in their lives.  Assuming that life wont be as happy for them, or for their parents.  Predicting failures and unhappiness.  That is so far from the truth of what life looks like for children with Down syndrome, or of those with other disabilities.  They cannot be put into a box. 

They should not be looked down upon, or have pre-determined notions of what they can and cannot accomplish.  And I challenge you to look beyond the disability in children with special needs, and think about all that they can and may accomplish.  Think about how amazing those milestones and accomplishments are, and show special needs parents that you expect great things of their child.  Support and believe in children of all abilities, just as their parents do.  And together, we can take away the stigmas that society around us has, and create a new understanding and new perspective.