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Happy World Down syndrome Day


What is World Down syndrome Day?

There was a time in my life that I didnt know what that was either... there was a time in my life I didnt think about “acceptance” or “differences”. There was a time in my life when I didnt understand “inclusion” and the benefits or the why! And yes, there is a time in my life when I too didnt include everyone either.

But WHY??? Why don’t people accept, appreciate, or include?

I HAVE THE ANSWER! It is very simple - easy to overcome - and easy to fix and implement!

LACK OF KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING! Kids dont include other kids that are different because they don’t UNDERSTAND why they are different. Kids dont accept and include until they are explained what the difference is, what causes it, and why they have it. Kids also need to know how they can help!


World Down syndrome Day is a day to “CELEBRATE and APPRECIATE” Individuals with Down syndrome. People with Down syndrome have an extra copy of the 21st chromosome. Everyone is born with 46 chromosomes and they are born with 47. It’s that SIMPLE! That extra chromosome makes things a little bit harder for them though. Developmental delays, health issues, heart defects, speech delays or lack of speech, different physical characteristics, and more.

BUT, there are other things that come with that extra chromosome too …
>>> Determination, lots of Hugs, unconditional love, a love for dancing, the ability to not care what other poeple think, enjoyment for singing, small stature that makes them so adorable, a desire to friend everyone, the ability to overlook problems and always find the good in people, strength, will power, a love of themselves, ability to fight through difficulties, incredible empathy, excitement, appreciation, and my favorite one of ALL …
The ability to TEACH others around them and

When Kenzie came into our lives - 6 short years ago - our lives were changed! She not only taught us so much about Down syndrome, but she has taught us about ourselves… in 6 short years we have gained a wealth of knowledge!
AND she has changed SO MANY PERSPECTIVES!!!

I URGE you to share this post!
Learn something about Down syndrome, teach someone else about “Differences” and how they can apply UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTANCE, and INCLUDING OTHERS in their world. Help Broaden other people’s knowledge and together we can make an impact! 💙 💛

Watch this YouTube video and you can learn Facts about Down syndrome!